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Neutral cable and EGC selection advises needed

Question asked by rene.immerkaer on Mar 1, 2018
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Hi all

Hope some of you can help me on this topic regarding selection of the right cable sizes for US market.



I am sizing a neutral conductor for a system expected to have high harmonic content due to non-linear loads.

I this case 1,73 times phase current. I use 1,25 rated CB's due to continous load. 4 wire system at 40 deg Celsius.

Let's say nominal phase current is 100A.

Neutral is then supposed, in worst case, to be sized for:  100A x 1,25 x 1,73 / 0,8 / 0,91 = 297A

0,91 is reduction factor and 0,8 is adjustment factor.


This gives me a very large neutral conductor compared to phase conductor.

Am I allowed to leave out any of the correction factors or do I have any other oppotunities to reduce neutral without violating any rules?



Regarding EGC size selection I am using Table 250.122.Table 250.122

Marked in red box, the NEC states that in some cases the EGC will have to be sized bigger, than suggested by Table 250.122.

As I see this, this means that EGC has to be size to make sure of correct operation of OPCD. Can anyone come up with an example of this, since I haven't been able to come up with any cases where EGC has to be sized bigger than stated above.


Thanks in advance.