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Hello Folks. I'm stuck and would love some input. We are in the process of  designing a 900,000 sq,ft distribution warehouse for one of the large companies. Basically they have no rack storage, and the systems have been designed using standard heads with a K factor of 8.0. However, it was decided by parties other than myself they need to use ESFR sprinklers to keep there travel distances to exits at a minimum, something in the Indiana Code?? Max ceiling height of the facility is over 45ft high. To obtain proper densities outlined in NFPA-13 I would need commodity type, Class type, height of storage, we have no rack storage, etc, etc. We have none of this. Boxes move in, stored for a brief time and then shipped out!! I've done some preliminary calcs and I'm coming up with an exorbitant amount of water and pressure required.

I'm told if we can't use ESFR sprinklers the entire building will need to be redesigned and go back to zoning for approval and we'll probably lose the client!!!! Lovely.

Any thoughts on design requirements would be greatly appreciated.