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E.S.F.R. obstructed line

Question asked by jordifornefonalleras on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by nocivus

I have a warehouse with a concrete structure.
In ceiling, the beams create a continuous obstruction of 320 mm. The distance between beams is 1500 mm.


I want to install sprinklers E.S.F.R. According to NFPA if I have more than 300 mm of obstruction. I have to install a sprinkler line in each bay.


The distance between lines of sprinklers will be 1500 mm. If I install the sprinklers less than 320 mm from the ceiling. I have to comply with the minimum distance between sprinklers of 2400 mm.


When the sprinklers are inside each bay, should I meet the minimum distance?


For the calculation I have to take into account the operation of 12 sprinklers or more?


If I install the E.S.F.R. 400 mm from the ceiling. I could install E.S.F.R. with this 320 mm obstruction?