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Question asked by dproyectos on Mar 19, 2018
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Good Morning.  I am developing a design by means of automatic sprinklers with a tank and pressure system on the first floor for a 10-story building, but I have two concerns about the design.  1. If contemplated in the cabinet design system according to NFPA 13, does the minimum design pressure for the calculation of the pressure equipment correspond to that of cabinets or sprinklers? and Does the sprinkler flow increase when the pressure changes?  2. When designing sprinklers by the area / density method, the most critical area is located on the last floor of the project. But when reviewing the lower floors you have higher pressures, which is the norm, however I have the following doubt. The design flow of the sprayer must be calculated in the critical area or in the lower floors, since the increase in pressure increases the sprinkler flow.  Thank you