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Fire protection systems for Hotel

Question asked by tanousnaim on Mar 23, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2019 by maasaicontracting

I would like to ask the following as regarding the fire protection systems for a Hotel not classified as high rise building:\

- As per NFPA 101 - New hotels not classified as high rise building require the protection with automatic sprinkler system only without mentioning anything related to fire hose cabinets and the classes. 

Is it required to have FHC in the hotel and which class to be used?


- Water demand for Hotel areas which will be of light and ordinary hazard classifications.

As per NFPA 13 duration of water supply for light hazard will be 30-60 min and ordinary hazard between 60-90 min , whereas NFPA 14 indicates a duration of 30 min for the FHC.

I would like to ask if the required water volume will be calculated based on the 30 min or 60 min duration.


Thank you in advance