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Article 130.2 (A)(2)

Question asked by rlangone on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by Steve Benton

One of our plants wants to perform a task that will require an energized work permit.  They are citing Article 130.2(A)(2) Infeasibility - Informational note; as the justification to do the work.  A motor control panel has 40+ VFDs that contain a defect that will cause the drives to fail, sometimes, when the power is cycled to the drive.  They have a 3 pole, 480 volt disconnect switch which plugs into a power rail that they would like to replace without powering down the cabinet.  The concern is, if they power down the cabinet to replace the disconnect, they may have several drives fail.  If they power down the cabinet to replace the failed drives, they may have more drives fail when they power back up, and so on.


Do you believe Article 130.2 applies here?  Either way, do you believe that a well-qualified technician wearing the proper PPE and following the proper procedures should be able to perform this task safely.