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Fire Pump Neutral

Question asked by carl.mister on Apr 6, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by ron.bethea

See attached sketch for fire pump controller neutral. Fire pump controller has the service disconnecting means and transfer switch. The phase conductors on the normal side will be tapped in a separate section at the main switchboard. Since this is a service, per 250.24(c) the grounded conductor (neutral) needs to terminate at the service switch and a main bonding jumper be installed from the neutral termination point in the controller to the controller's enclosure.


The fire pump controller has been shipped with a ground lug only that is physically connected to the controller's enclosure.


Two questions:

1. Can the neutral and ground from the utility service derive in the main switchboard section as shown?

2. If the neutral is bonded to the fire pump controller's enclosure the neutral will be bonded at two locations - at the main switchboard and at the generator from the emergency equipment ground conductor bonded to the fire pump controller's enclosure. Violation per NEC?