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Inconsistent Enclosure Access Conditions

Question asked by apineo on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by apineo

Access permitted to enclosures with and without disconnects seems inconsistent to me.  NFPA79 states that as part of access to an enclosure with a disconnect provided with a defeat mechanism that "live parts mounted on the inside of doors" shall be protected from unintentional direct contact by the inherent design of components or the application of barriers or obstacles such that a 2" sphere cannot contact any of the live parts in question, but makes no mention of the person being qualified or guarding of devices on the backpanel.  Contrast this with a qualified person, using appropriate work practices, is allowed access into an enclosure without a disconnect when using either a key or tool to open the enclosure per 6.2.5 (1); or (2) without a key or tool if all live parts are separately enclosed or guarded such that they cannot be any direct contact with live parts.  Shouldn't the conditions for access with or without disconnects be consistent to add inherent design (which I interpret to be finger safe), guarded and the person to be qualified?