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static smoke barrier in ceiling void, doubt on the infill

Question asked by marcocauso on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by milt.werner

As part of fit out works for a major infrastructure project, we are carrying out the installation of static smoke barriers in suspended ceiling void. The original design showed these smoke barriers made with gypsum boards and mineral wool infill.

We are installing 2 x 12.5 mm fire rated  gypsum boards for each side, creating a cavity smoke barrier, which meet the 1h fire rating required by the IFC fire policy.

The main contractor is however requesting to install the mineral wool infill.

At the moment I could not find any reference to support our system; besides,  after checking technical documentation of several manufacturers I could not understand whether the insulation infill is a strict requirement, or if it used as  improvement to achieve a certain fire rating.

Is there any standard, manual or relevant literature explaining in detail the construction and the possible configuration of  smoke barriers based on cases of application and fire rating?