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NFPA 72 - Monitoring Req (Net + Cell)

Question asked by david.j.stark on Apr 26, 2018
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NFPA 72 - Monitoring pathway question.


We are getting hammered by POTS line outages in the Northeast, specifically New York City, and the posting of fire watch guards is very expensive.


I'd like to convert all the old dual POTS line monitoring pathways to Network (IP) as primary and cellular as back-up. I've been told several scenarios where this will work and will not work.


Question: Has anyone successfully done this conversion from two POTS lines to Network + Cell within the FDNY jurisdiction? What roadblocks did you discover along the way? Did you have to verify that your network switch gear could provide 24 hours of stand-by power via back-up battery for your primary connection? Or was the 24 hours on the cell sufficient to get the LOA for the system alteration?


Also, Anybody know if/when FDNY will allow sole path cellular fire alarm signal monitoring, as allowed by NFPA 72 for several years now? I'm told they are considering it, but not anytime soon.