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NFPA 13 requirement for "listed" heat-tracing systems

Question asked by laura.davis on Apr 30, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by milt.werner

NFPA 13, in section, requires heat tracing used to protect private fire service mains to be specifically listed for underground use. In, it says that when piping is installed in accordance with 10.1.4, it doesn't have to be listed for underground use. 10.1.4says that if service main must be installed above grade, the piping materials shall conform to NPFA 13.


We need to run about 10 feet of service main into an existing riser room, coming up from the below grade main about 1.5' from the exterior wall and turning into the building above grade. We'll have that 1.5' section of 4" line above grade outside the building, then about 7' of above grade line inside the heated riser room where it will connect to the riser.


Does any heat-tracing placed on the service main below grade and above grade outside the building have to be listed for below grade use? Does any of it have to be listed for use on fire protection piping?  I'm not finding any heat trace that's listed for use on fire protection piping in the UL Certification Directory, although there is a category covering it.

If we use cable listed for commercial piping, and listed for underground use where it's underground, are we meeting the intent of the code?

Since the only reference to "positive confirmation that the circuit is energized" is under protection of branch lines, would this be required for the service main line?