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NFPA 58 Liquid transfer operations

Question asked by herrera on May 7, 2018
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I have a question regarding NFPA 58 for the location of LP liquid transfer operations and/or exchange operations. We have an existing marijuana extraction facility that is in a flood plain and we are designing an exterior elevated platform for the exchange of LP containers to be switched out for used and full containers (steel construction for the platform and stairs). The platform elevation is in compliance with FEMA regulations for the flood protection elevation for a critical facility. The storage cabinet for the LP gas is 11' away from a new door that will only be used as the only means of egress in the event of a flood situation and as a convenient access to this platform for replacing new and used containers. The facility has two other means of egress when not in a flood event. The existing facility is a 1-story cmu block building at about 2,900 gross sf. The intent of this platform will also serve as an area to store ethanol containers, (2) 30 gallon ethanol containers, 60 gallons in total, in addition to (2) 150lb butane containers 300lbs in total. Is there a separation distance required between the butane and ethanol containers? Can we utilize this elevated platform as both an area to store these flammables and as a means of egress only when there is a flood event? Please see attached site plan for reference.


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