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Energization of Electrical Equipment On a Set Time Schedule

Question asked by tvanhooser on May 7, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by jmoore3

Some years ago a worker was completing work on a de-energized transformer.  He was electrocuted before he finished his work.  Very sad incident.   The investigation revealed that the worker tried to complete his task(s) before the transformer was energized from the upstream substation at the established time.  The investigation also revealed that the work crew used time schedules for energizations because of the absence of portable radios or phones.  Had phones or portable radios been used the worker could have informed substation personnel that his work was not complete thereby eliminating the human error. 


I am unable to locate code requirements or consensus standards on this subject.   Any comments from colleagues would be appreciated.  


I also believe that NFPA 70E should clearly address this subject.