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Main power supply cabling for fire alarm panels to be fire resistant?

Question asked by on May 11, 2018
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Hi. I happend to look at BS 5839-1, and found that fire resistant cabling is requried for not only the loop cabling to devices, but also mains power supply for fire alarm panels. I have never seen such requiremtn in NFPA 72 or elsewhere in NFPA standards. Does anyone know that there is any similar requirement in NFPA standards? Please refer to the exact clause from BS 5839-1 (2013 ed.):


26.2 Recommendations

b) Cables used for all parts of the critical signal paths (see 3.14), for the ELV supply from an external power supply unit and for the final circuit providing low voltage mains supply to the system, should conform to 26.2d) or 26.2e) and comprise one of the foIIowing:
1) mineral insulated copper sheathed cables, with an overall polymeric covering, conforming to BS EN 60702-1, with terminations conforming to BS EN 60702-2;
2) cables that conform to BS 7629-1;
3) cables that conform to BS 7846;
4) cables rated at 300/500 V (or greater) that provide the same degree of safety to that afforded by compliance with BS 7629-1.