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Solar permitting

Question asked by kdepfyffer on May 10, 2018
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My county is telling me I need a certified electrician to pull my solar permit, they said it was a California law as of 2016. I am unable to fine any information on this. Can someone please point me to the code or article that says this is the case.

I have looked in the NEC, CEC and the California solar permitting guide. I know the county has the right to create their own standard requirements, with in reason according to the California solar permitting guide, but if they are telling me its the law and they are wrong I would like to inform them. The California solar permitting guide and several other articles.. like this.

It is the intent of the Legislature that local agencies not adopt ordinances that create unreasonable barriers
to the installation of solar energy systems, including, but not limited to, design review for aesthetic purposes,
and not unreasonably 
restrict the ability of homeowners and agricultural and business concerns to install
solar energy systems. It is the policy of the state to promote and encourage the use of solar energy systemsand
to limit obstacles to their use. It is the intent of the Legislature that local agencies comply not only with the
language of this section, but also the legislative intent to encouragethe installation of solar energy systems by
removing obstacles to, and minimizing costs of, permitting for such systems.


In some circumstances, a professional electrical engineer may be required to design the electrical portionof
the proposed solar PV system. The enforcing agency determines if this is necessary based on thecomplexity
of the system. In many cases, 
an electrical engineer is not required, as licensed contractors are capableof
completing the necessary sizing calculations and can specify the components needed to make smaller systems
work safely and properly.