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Main Lug Only Panel Fed From a Delta/Wye Transformer

Question asked by rafis on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 20, 2018 by chiefns830

I am working in a project for a Utility Substation and I came across a question that perhaps someone in here could help me with.  I am aware that utilities don't have to abide by the NEC-NFPA70 per 90.2.


Currently all of the existing 240/120 distribution panels that supply AC power for lighting, cabinet heaters, ect. in the substation yard (for 69,115, 138kV equipment) that are being fed from a Delta/Wye transformer are Main Lug only with no other overcurrent protection on the supply side of the panel (secondary side of the transformer). 


Even though they comply with 240.21(C)(2) and table 450.3(B), I believe they are violating 408.36(B) (none of the exceptions apply). 


Is there somewhere in the NEC that might permit such installation other than 90.2(B)?