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MAQ increases "accumulation"?

Question asked by rfdacm02 on May 21, 2018
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In NFPA 1 - Table  MAQ’s of Hazardous Materials per Control Area, there are numerous footnotes that may apply to a given material. My question is in regards to footnotes C and D, which both allow a 100% increase in quantity and can be used accumulatively. Really the question is does this mean you increase the original MAQ by 100% (doubling the quantity) and the add the same 100% again, making the final amount 3 times the original, or do you increase it by 100%, then increase that number by 100%, which would be 4 times the original?


Using the example of an Oxidizing  Cryogenic Fluid the table allows 45 liquid gallons. But both footnotes C and D apply, thus if the product is stored in approved cabinets and in a fully NFPA 13 sprinklered building, is the final MAQ 135 gallons or 180 gallons?