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Suites in Business Occupancies

Question asked by weekleyba on May 21, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by john.stone

Does utilizing suites in business occupancies, alleviate any of the corridor requirements within the suite?  If so, how do I justify that via the code?  For instance, is there no such thing as a dead-end corridor in suite?  See the attached design showing a suite.  (not yet constructed)  If we call this entire area a suite, what corridor requirements do I not have to meet?  Do I not still have means of egress requirements from every room within the suite?

I'm most concern with meeting NFPA 101.

It seems to convenient to call the area a suite and therefore no corridor requirements.

Since the business occupancy chapter does not specifically address suites as does the healthcare chapter, it appears there is no benefit in calling the area suite.

Can someone please clarify based off of the code?