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Fire alarm system & HVAC interconnection

Question asked by alirezazamani on May 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by alicankabatas

Hi everyone.

Is this neccessary to consider interface between Fire Alarm System & room HVAC system?

while 2-1.13 of nfpa 91 says:" Fire detection and alarm systems shall not be interlocked to shut down air-moving devices."
On the other hand, 21.7.3 of NFPA 72: Connections between fire alarm systems and the HVAC system for the purpose of
monitoring and control shall operate and be monitored in accordance with applicable NFPA standards.

in our project, we have several office rooms, with supply/return air ducts and wall mounted a/c unit for HVAC perpose.

every room has one smoke detector on the false ceiling and another detector above it, also no detector has been mounted  in the air ducts.

Is this required to shut down fans and a/c unit when fire alarm system detects smoke in the space?