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Helpful phone apps???

Question asked by chester.armstrong77 on May 31, 2018
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I was just curious if anyone uses any particular Android phone apps as quick references, doing calculations, tabels ect.ect???  Specificaly the pay apps?  One of my colleagues has an iPhone (I am anti iPhone) wit several different apps that he uses and applies in the field. So I found a few free apps that I've been learning to use and find them very helpful and educational. I am thinking of investing in some pay apps and was just wondering if anyone here had any favorites or better yet ones they found to be a total waste of money? Uglys book is $14.99 and Mobile Electrician is a free app that I'm thinking of upgrading. Down side is it is based off 2011 NEC. Love to hear some oppinions. Even from you old timers who think that smart phones are the devil! Lol