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Biochar for soil regeneration?

Question asked by magdalenavh on May 31, 2018
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Our community is looking into making biochar out of the wildfire debris as we become a Firewise Community. We live in California, so Air Quality is heavily regulated here and I will have to find out if we will be allowed to do these low-temperature controlled burns during the "burn ban" season. (You basically dig a trench, and cover the burning fuels with a bit of soil so there's not much smoke, and if done right then it is a 50% or more cleaner process than open burning which releases 95% of the fuel's carbon into the air.) Now we are applying for a grant to continue organizing a wide area to create a coalition of Firewise Communities, and the grantor is specifically asking how we will take greenhouse gas emissions into account during our lot clearing activities. 


Have any other Firewise Communities used biochar creation as a way to get rid of fire fuels and recharge the soil? What worked and what would you differently?