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NFPA 101 - Museum Occupant Load Factor + Outdoor Occupancy

Question asked by nassibnasr on Jun 1, 2018
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The NFPA does not give any specific requirement for museums, galleries or exhibition spaces. They are considered as assembly use; however, the occupant load factor of 1.4 m2/person (occupant load factor for assembly occupancy, less concentrated use) seems to be exaggerated for a space that should not be overcrowded by function. Is there any reduction factor for galleries in museums or exhibition space that can be used for the occupant load factor?



Is there any reduction factors (for occupant load factor or means of egress widths) related to outdoor spaces, not located at the ground floor level? The actual space is located at the roof level of a building and will be hosting some events (assembly use, without fixed seating). The only related chapter in the NFPA is paragraph “Outdoor smoke-protected assembly seating”; can it be used in this case even if there is no seating? Can the reduced clear width per seat served be used for the main protected stairs serving the roof level? Can the number of occupants based on a 1.4 m2/p occupant load factor be used instead of the number of seats served?


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