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Questions on 695.14 (F) Generator Control Wiring Methods, 700.10(D)(3) Generator Control Wiring

Question asked by chiefns830 on Jun 5, 2018
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A recent TIA has been put out on 695.14 (F) Generator Control Wiring Methods, and 700.10(D)(3) Generator Control Wiring, requiring that if control wiring that becomes cut, broken, disconnected or shorted, it must trigger to turn on the generator. The goal of this is to immediately inform the building occupants that a problem has occurred.


My questions are - 

  • Is it possible to accomplish this using a generator from one company and ATS from another company?
  • Does this simply come down to the logic that is built into the ATS?
  • Will this requirement have to be taken into account when selecting the equipment?  Will most ATS's be able to handle this requirement?