NFPA 70B Applicatiions

Discussion created by sereemba on Jun 14, 2018
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For NFPA 70B, 2010, can someone interpret for me what types of facilities this document covers? Particularly, I am investigating a fire that occurred in a small commercial establishment (4 stories with basement, maybe 5 tenants, non-living quarters) with a 120/240VAC service, having an older Square-D 400A fused main disconnect. Claimant parties are stating a ground fault failure occurred in the 4” metal conduit downstream of the fuses. For applying any type of maintenance requirements, I do not see where placing cameras in all conduits is one such method/requirement. Does NFPA 70B require any type of cable integrity testing or conduit scoping? Furthermore, based on the size of the commercial establishment would you expect the owner to follow NFPA 70B for this equipment?