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NFPA13 - Reducers and Bushings

Question asked by osalas on Jun 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2018 by nocivus

I´ve got a quick question, consult you regarding an appreciation of NFPA 13 and the installation of sprinkler piping systems.  In several projects in which we have been consultants and also contractors, the doubt has arisen regarding the use of bushings reductions and bell type reductions in pipe systems.   According to NFPA 13 in section   We are clear that the norm exhorts and prefers the use of bell type reduction in definitive installations. However, although it is true, it also indicates the following: "the intent of is to prohibit the use of bushings where one pice reducing fitting is commercially available at the time the system is installed"   As you can well understand, in our country within the Costa Rican business the most prominent suppliers  often communicate to us that when buying accessories do not always have in stock or delivery to 6-8 weeks certain accessories, among these the bell type reductions.   Where a project is a quantity of massive import and execution times of more than 4 months, we usually import many times directly from LEHMAN PIPE or FERGUSSON and we bring enough time for the whole batch of accessories.   But as you can understand there is a lot of "Fast Track" project where we depend directly on the local supply in the country.   If all the pipes exposed in Black Iron and its accessories, are tested gradually as established in the standard (200PSI at 2 hours with 0 pressure losses), and the accessories submitted and / or specified are UL / FM, we want to know what would be your appreciation, having in advance clear the issue of supplies in the local sector within Costa Rica.  We thank you in advance for helping us clarify this query