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NPFA 58 Indoor Pressure Allowances

Question asked by codykillgore on Jul 3, 2018
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I was wanting to set a 500 gallon propane tank outside my shop to run my forge. Had a propane dealer come by and basically tell me it wasn't possible because I needed up to 10PSI and he could only run up to 11 inches or 7 ounces of pressure inside a building. My forge operates up against a large garage door which is completely open when I run it. In fact it is on wheels and I can just simply roll the forge outside if needed. So I suggested stubbing up a 10 PSI pipe outside the shop around the corner and I could just run a hose around to connect to it. He didn't like that either.


Later in the day, we contacted him and he mentioned that there was a regulation change recently and he could give me up to 5 PSI in the shop. Well, I need about 7 PSI. He is saying that these are National Fire Code regulations so I've been reading through the NFPA 58 and about all I can find is something that says 20 PSI limit for indoors.


Just thought I'd pose this questions here. Trying to figure out the actual regulations.