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Clarification on NFPA 13 System protection area limitation

Question asked by sri.vinodh4 on Jul 26, 2018

We are currently working for Cancer Care Hospital ,in this project Ground +9 Levels .in this Ground ,Level 1,2 area 143187 Square Feet /floor .remaining floors from level 3-9 are lesser than 52000 Sq ft, for ground to level 2 area has been divided into 7 zones with 1 hour fire rated wall & smoke barrier .as per NFPA 13 ,2016 edition Section 8.2.1 : The maximum floor area on any 1 floor to be protected by sprinkler supplied by any one sprinkler system riser or combined system riser shall be as followed . light & ordinary Hazard 52000 Sq ft .
As per our design we are providing horizontal feed main supplying six riser and Four risers are terminated in second floor and Two risers are terminated in level 9.

All the zones in each floor are seperated with Zone control valve assembly .

Do we need to provide additional Alarm check valve due to area exceeding the limit . please advise .

Note: NFPA 13 Handbook 17th edition recommends as per this scenario no additional alarm check valve required as per my understanding . please advise on this too.


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