Two Complete sets of Firefighting pumps connected with the main pipe loop

Discussion created by muftia on Jul 30, 2018
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I am working on a firefighting project one of the paragraph mentioned as below:

a.)   Vertical turbine electric fire water pump and diesel generator pump (1 working + I stand by) complete with control panel & cables, valves, pressure switches, Flow switches, Pressure gauges and chain pulley block with girder to carry the 2-ton capacity load and all other appurtenances as shown on drawings. .The pump will have the capacity of 200 US GPM at 60 mtr TDH including suction manifold, basket strainer, and a pump bowl assembly etc. 


the quantity of the above is mentioned 2. 


Now my question is do I need to install two complete sets of pump each set has (1diesel + 1 electrical + 1 jockey) to connect with the main pipe loop? Please advise as the consultant asked me to install two full complete sets of pumps.##@@@