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Standby selection for Fire Pump as per NFPA

Question asked by ajay.kharva on Aug 3, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2018 by nocivus

Hi Everyone,

How to decided number of standby for fire water pumps and also how to decide drivers requirement of fire water pumps ? e.g. diesel or electrical driven


For example, fire water demand for plant is 1200 GPM. Hence I will select 3 number of working pump with capacity 400 GPM. Then I am assuming that at a time only one pump will be under maintenance / failed to operate. So I will select 3 working + 1 standby pump. Capacity of standby pump will be same as working pump. I will consider redundant (two independent source of power) power supply to all pump.  Is this correct approach ? Can anyone guide me about requirement standby and drivers requirement as per NFPA ?