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NFPA 13 - Sprinkler system beneath the turbine generator

Question asked by damianosplendori on Aug 8, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by nocivus

Dear all,

according with NFPA 13 "* Beneath Turbine Generator Operating Floor. All areas beneath the turbine generator operating floor shall be protected by an automatic sprinkler or foam-water sprinkler system meeting the following criteria: (1) The sprinkler system beneath the turbine generator shall be designed around obstructions from structural members and piping. (2) The sprinkler system shall be designed to a minimum density of 0.3 gpm/ft2 (12.2 L/min·m2) over a minimum application of 5000 ft2 (464.5 m2). [804:]".

My question is: in case the floor beneath the turbine generator is smaller than 464.5 m2, should I design the sprinkler system for the same flow rate (12.2 L/min * m2 x 464.54 m2) or is it possible to apply only the density of 12.2 L/min*m2 just for the actual surface of the floor?