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Floor of warehouse

Question asked by jpdiaza on Aug 9, 2018
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Good afternoon,

A pleasure to greet.  I wanted to please help me with any recommendation from the point of view of fire safety or any NFPA regulations on warehouses.
Would there be any restriction or suggestion to apply this to the concrete floor of our warehouse of materials and telecommunications equipment in order to decrease the concentration of dust?

Painting of the concrete floors with a thickness of 7 mils with the following characteristics:
• First layer of epoxy varnish.
• Two hands of epoxy paint Auromastic 85
• Third layer with semi-matt Polyurethane Enamel.
If it were possible to apply these layers of paint and enamel, would there be the possibility of applying then a layer of fire retardant coating or is better to apply another type of layer or floor?
As additional information, the warehouse has a smoke detection system and sprinkler system. Inside this warehouse 2 workers work with their respective computers.
Best Regards,
Juan  Diaz