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The interpretation of of NFPA20

Question asked by vdrao.1979 on Aug 10, 2018
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The interpretation of of NFPA20

Question asked by Vasanthula Dhanunjya Rao on May 17, 2018


Dear Sir,

The interpretation of of NFPA20 is on the name plate of the Engine and not on the pump power requirement. Irrespective of the Pump power requirement, the minimum 4 hour requirement on engine overload @ 110% Name plate rating to be tested and witnessed  during the Engine listing process.

Can you also advise on the power test code followed (SAE J-1349) and complete compliance to it? The horsepower capability of the engine, when equipped for fire pump service, shall have a 4-hour minimum horsepower rating not less than 10 percent greater than the listed horsepower on the engine nameplate. Engines shall be acceptable for horsepower ratings listed by the testing laboratory for standard SAE conditions.


A. For more information, SAE J-1349, Engine Power Test Code - Spark Ignition and Compression Engine. The 4-hours minimum power requirement in NFPA 20 has been tested and witnessed during the engine listing process. 



Refer to attached email confirmation from engine manufacturer saying that there is a 10% overload capability for a period of 1 hour within a 12-hour period of operation. Total operating time at 10% overload shall not exceed 25 hours per year.


Thank you.


Vasanthula Dhanunjaya rao