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Exhaust fan / sprinkler head / classified space FAS shutdown

Question asked by eddy_harkins on Aug 12, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by rfparham

I am installing exhaust fans in an industrial plant that is C-I D-I. the  fans will replace passive ridge vents. Each fan will move +30K cfm. In the center of the opening below each fan is a sprinkler head. I have been instructed by the client that they don't want me to provide for FAS shutdown, Its my opinion that the FAS should have shutdown control of the fans on two levels. 

1) The high airflow will interfere with the sprinkler head efficiency

2) as a life safety issue as the exhaust fans will continue to draw into the space fresh air to supply a fire.

Can someone point me to a reference that I can utilize to prove my opinion or disprove. 

Thanks in advance Eddy

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