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Question asked by iyvf on Aug 27, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by nocivus

Hey! I have few questios about NFPA 850. First. Does the indicates that I have to comply with all the 5 items there or if I have one of them I´m in accordance with that paragraph? Second. indicates "All areas beneath the turbine-generator operating floor that are subject to oil flow, oil spray, or oil accumulation should be protected by an automatic sprinkler or foam-water sprinkler system. This coverage normally includes all areas beneath the operating floor in the turbine building. The sprinkler system beneath the turbine-generator should take into consideration obstructions from structural members and piping and should be designed to a density of 0.30 gpm/ft2 (12.2 mm/min) over a minimum application of 5000 ft2 (464 m2)." This means that if I DON´T have anithing beneath the turbine that can cause a fire I DON´t have to protect this area, right?