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Wildfire Heat Flux

Question asked by on Aug 28, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2018 by louis.nash

I need to convert heat flux measured in  kW/m (into laymen's terms).  In addition, how would this symbol  convert (or can it) to either heat (Fahrenheit or Celsius) or speed (i.e. foot/yard/meter per second/minute/hour – again in laymen’s terms).  I’m trying to convert this symbol into heat intensity and how quickly it would drop when encountering a firebreak and its corresponding distance, ie. ROW (Right-of-Way) of gas pipeline.  Unfortunately all the technical documents use a complicated equation or measurements using kW/m2.  and I'm not skilled in that area.   I want to show these distinctions in laymen’s terms so that the “general public” (including myself) would understand. The gist of the scenario is a wildfire in all of it's intensity approaching a gas pipeline Right-of-Way of 30 ft (firebreak).  How would the wildfire be effected and how much would the heat flux diminish once it reaches the ROW firebreak.