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NEC Article 250.162 - a question on battery banks.

Question asked by on Aug 28, 2018

We are installing two 250 V 400 A rated battery banks that will supply power to circuit breakers and other control circuits.  I need to know if NEC 70A article 250.160 and 250.162 will control this, or if they do not apply.  There is a battery charger (AC to DC) connected to each bank, but it does not power the system.  It merely charges the batteries.  I'm told it qualifies as a "product".  The batteries supply the system.  I interpret 250.162 as meaning these battery banks need to be grounded.  Mark Cloutier of the NFPA just agreed on the phone.  I need it in writing from the NFPA.  I just joined, so use my e-mail on the record to respond.


Del Ventruella