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NFPA 484 Storage of Light Casting Size

Question asked by zwelch on Aug 31, 2018

npfa 484 states " piles of stored light magnesium castings, either in cartons or crates or without packing, shall be limited in size to 28m^3.


My question is this.  Our product has a volume of 3.056cm^3, and the product is stored in a bin that has a total volume of 5.25m^3 (only 16 parts per bin, for a total volume of 48.889cm^3).  Am I correct in assuming this portion of the standard is referencing the volume of the material, and not the volume of the crate the product is stored in?  


This could mean the difference of only being able to store 5 bins of product in an "area", rather than our designed capacity of 220 bins.


Thanks in advance for any help and input you can give.