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I have a question regarding R.V.  an outlet. 

Question asked by wmaint on Sep 5, 2018
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I installed a 240 volt 50 amp R.V. outlet to  the 2017 N.E.C. .  The R.V. is a 2004 model.  The manufacturer is out of business.  There is a bare copper bond/ground wire,  #8,  that goes from the ground bus in the R. V. electrical panel straight out to a compartment in the nose of the unit.  Therein is located a large bus bolted to the frame of the 

R.V..   This is for the 12 volt lighting system and all the neutrals from the transformer are tied into this bus--as is the ground/bond wire from the electrical panel.  If I install the correct 50 amp GFI breaker, it trips instantly because of this arrangement.  With a standard, non-GFI breaker, all is fine.  All the R.V. parks I've stayed at  do not use 50 amp GFI breakers.  I'm between a rock and a hard spot.  Do I leave a non-GFI breaker in place--or do I try to modify the R.V. so the GFI  breaker will work?  I would seem to me that if I modify the R.V. I would end up taking all liability for it if it creates a secondary problem or a fire.  But no GFI?   Help.