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ESFR pendent sprinkler for asrosol storage protection (NFPA 30B)

Question asked by on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2018 by cdafd

Hi. I found that there are only ESFR "pendent" sprinklers mentioned in the tables of in NFPA 30B. I wondered why the NFPA 30B specifically requires "pendent" type ESFR sprinklers to be used for asrosol products. Thus, I went through google and found a little more detail in XLGAPS guidlines (GAP.10.2.1) as below, but could get a clue:

Where ESFR sprinkler design is indicated, use only pendent ESFR sprinklers. Upright ESFR sprinklers are not approved for aerosol protection.

Does anyone know why only pendent sprinklers should be used for asrosol protection? In other words, why upright sprinklers are not approved for aerosol protection?