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Flow Meter Setup Review

Question asked by omar.dargham on Sep 7, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2018 by omar.dargham

Dear Sirs,

I encountered this existing setup:

  1. The distance of the OS&Y gate valve after the fire pump test meter is at 2 x pipe diameter of test line.
  2. The OS&Y gate valve before the fire pump test meter is missing.
  3. Kindly note that no air vent installed on the test piping. (Can it be an automatic air vent? And is it advised to install one, if yes can someone kindly comment on where does it need to be installed.)
  4. The meter is an analogue type , it is hard to get an accurate reading , they tried the (OS&Y gate valve) throttle valve and even the (OS&Y gate valve) bypass valve (It’s installed on each fire pump at the +/- base of the supply line to the fire pump test meter) but the results are the same , the gauge’s hand keeps twitching and the maximum reading that can be acquired is an approximate one(Including  venting  the fire pump test meter’s small pipes ).

Installation sketch given by the fire pump test meter manufacturer:

Existing setup:

Note that the system is around 6 years old , the meeting point of both pump’s test lines is at a height of around 3 meters and the fire pump test meter is at around 1 meter higher , and the return to the tanks as it dumps the water in multiple existing tanks at around 8 meters.


Thank you