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Question asked by deckersjd on Sep 11, 2018
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NFPA 96:10.6-10.6.2 , specifically 10.6.1 states, Upon activation of an automatic fire extinguishing system, an audible alarm or visual indicator SHALL be provided to show the system has activated. This makes NO reference to a fire alarm being required and 10.6.2 addresses fire alarms separately.

My question is in commercial cooking with an ansul system is the audible or visual indicator that of a horn strobe? Does anyone require these devices as per 10.6.1 if there is no fire alarm ? I'm wondering if the intent is similar to an ADA type requirement ? I am in Georgia and come from Florida where we required this. Here in Georgia I'm being told by installers no one has ever required this of them. Looking for any input or interpretations.