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NFPA 13 question: Sprinklers in the concealed space under combustible stairs

Question asked by sschnei on Sep 12, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2018 by milt.werner

A two-story combustible building with combustible stairs that is currently under construction will be enclosing the area underneath its stairways.  Section 8.15 of NFPA 13 has contradictory statements on whether sprinklers are required to be installed in this space and I'd like to know which section should apply and why. Concealed Spaces Requiring Sprinkler Protection.

Concealed spaces of exposed combustible construction shall be protected by sprinklers except in concealed spaces where sprinklers are not required to be installed by through and 8.15.6. Concealed spaces over isolated small compartments not exceeding 55 ft2 (5.1 m2) in area shall not require sprinkler protection.




8.15.3 Stairways. Combustible Construction. Sprinklers shall be installed beneath all stairways of combustible construction.



Thank you for your thoughts.