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Rehab 1584

Question asked by dgernerd on Sep 13, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by jerry.holenbeck

I have a question on NFPA 1584, I am hoping someone could clear up and maybe I am just reading it wrong..Under Chapter 6 - 6.1.4 - It says members shall undergo rehab following the use of a second 30 min or a 45 minute SCBA cylinder...

But then under Annex A - Explanatory Material - A 5.2.3 - there should be at least 20 minutes of rest in a rehab area after 2-30 minute SCBA cylinder, using 1 - 45 minute scba cylinder or greater SCBA cylinder or performing 40 minutes of intense work...


So my question is, if you are using 45 minutes cylinders do you go to rehab after the first cylinder or after 2?