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propane questions

Question asked by mike_alterman on Sep 23, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by epacs

I have some questions about NFPA 58 / propane installation;


1) Can a liquid line be run along the outside of a house?



2) How long could this line be?



3) This is a small house on a small lot. I would like to know if

locating tanks near a flue, fresh air vent and clothes drier would

be possible if the vents were extended to near the overhang.

Currently both vents are about 2 ft off the ground.


The deck is about 45 inches above the ground and 4 feet wide. The

height between the deck and overhand is about 8 feet. Please see

photos below. I would add some burn protection around the drier vent

pipe. The furnace vent pipe would be pvc. The drier extension would

be aluminum ( no problems with scratching / rusting as with

galvanized steel).



The tanks would be 120 gallon.



The house is about 600 sq ft and lot is less than 1/4 acre.



Any suggestions or questions are welcome.


PS: I tried to post after logging in - keep getting msg that I don't

have permission to add or edit content




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