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Sprinkler requirement in converted commerical space to R

Question asked by msanders on Sep 21, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by rfdacm02

Section 903.2.8 requires that sprinkler systems be installed throughout all buildings with a group R fire area.  The commentary supports this by clarifying that the sprinkler requirement is for the entire structure not just the R occupancy.


In mixed used commercial, mercantile and Business space with a new introduced/ converted R occupancy is there a provision that allows us to divide the building with fire barriers or fire walls to only sprinkler the R area? 


A Fire wall would easily divide a structure into two distinct halves.  For purposes of converting an upstairs business suite to a residential use, a fire wall is not practical.  Sprinkling the entire building due to a small portion of newly added Residential space may also be impractical.


Have you encountered this any what options were discussed?  Thanks for your input