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Is a fire alarm notification required for a bookstore?

Question asked by djcaho01 on Sep 25, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2018 by rfdacm02

A couple of years ago renovation took place on a University Property. The Bldg. has classrooms on 2nd through 4th floors. The first floor has clinic outpatient service for pediatrics. It also has a Star Bucks, and the University bookstore. All areas are sprinkled, with notification throughout the Bldg. with pull stations and smoke. The only area that doesn't have notification and pull station is the bookstore. Thats because the contractors didn't add them during the renovations. The state bldg. inspector at the time stated that it didn't require a pull station. Recently the bookstore manger had stated he never heard the last bldg. alarm. My first thought is to add a strobe and audible. Is this required, and should the contractors had installed these devices under renovation?