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Can an ESFR Sprinkler be used on a ceiling slope exceeding a pitch of 2 in 12 ?

Question asked by omar.dargham on Sep 27, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by nocivus

In NFPA 13 - 2016 it's clearly stated at that ESFR sprinklers shall be installed only in buildings where roof or ceiling slope above the sprinklers does not exceed a pitch of 2 in 12 (a rise of 2 units in a run of 12 units, a roof slope of 16.7 percent). ( 9.5 Degrees ) .


What if the slope is a little bit steeper than 9.5 Degrees , at approx 11 to 11.5 Degrees , is the ESFR sprinkler still applicable in this case , if yes , to which maximum angle can it be still used .

( Link or code section or any available data concerning this topic is much appreciated ).