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Fire Protection for Milk Factory Conveyor System

Question asked by dkb.1990 on Sep 30, 2018

This is with regards to a milk factory for which we are designing a fire fighting system. There are various packaging machines/conveyor belts in the factory which are of Stainless Steel make. Conveyors are made of stainless steel frames with plastic wear strips and plastic chains (low friction acetal). We have provided Fire protection system at the ceiling level (11.1 Mtrs. High) in the factory process area where the filling and packaging machines/conveyors are present. The level of conveyor belts from ground is about 1.5-2 Mtrs.

I had a doubt, is there a separate requirement for sprinkler protection on the conveyors, even if ceiling protection is provided. Moreover, if it is required, at what all places is the sprinkler protection required; what should be the design and installation criteria (can we take a tapping from ceiling level piping and drop to the conveyors for protection).