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Shall be LH or OH1 designed in high-rise office?

Question asked by raminta on Oct 2, 2018
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I have to design sprinkler system according to NFPA13. High-rise (HR) office building, H=68 m, building area is 23 000 m², one floor area ~510 m². Are offices designed with Light hazard class or OH1? Are there any specific restrictions for HR building? Because we used to EN 12845 standard which sets to design different fire hazard for HR buildings.

Also, in which way volume in the water tank shall be determined:

1) V= Maximum water volume needed for sprinklers + stand pipe (for firefighter 1983 l/min) + indoor fire hose (379 l/min);

2) V= Maximum water volume needed for sprinkler + stand pipe;

3) V= One of mentioned in 1), which volume is the greatest.

4) Other, please specify?


Thank you!