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Normative of works on sprinkler installations

Question asked by nikolanmiletic on Oct 10, 2018

Hello all,


I could't find anywhere books that calculate normative of working hours for sprinkler installations. Maybe it is not called like that? In scope, that book should tell the "normal" time of how long should some mounting of sprinkler part (pipe, fitting, valves, etc.) be done.


I.E. for the heating installations, there is a normative for time of mounting a pipe (NT), diameter 3" (for industrial buildings, normal working conditions, seamless pipe) which says that work is calculated by 1m of the pipe taking into account of 3 different workers (highly qualified - HQ, qualified -QW and helper HW) as equation bellow:

NT = HQ + QW + HW , where from the normative tables:

HQ = 0,3091 (mounting of the pipe)

QW = 0,3091 (mounting of the pipe) + 0,3091 (additional works)

HW = 0,3091 (additional works) + 0,1263 (transport of the goods)


So, for mounting of 1m of the length of pipe diameter of 3" is 1,3627 hours needed.


I hope that I didn't confuse you all